Vanlife Q&A: Working remote with hotspots?

In this post in the Van Life Q&A, a user asks:

Working remote with hotspots?

My thoughts:

I highly recommend [this LTE router](

I looked around for a bunch, and this is by far the most professional one that is still not ridiculously priced. It can take 2 SIM cards and for each card you can load up a number of plans, set data limits to switch from one plan to another and prioritize them. Plus it accepts external antennas and is easy to 12v hardwire. It is basically designed for this kind of use for professionals. Not some hoaky hotspot that charges via USB and is tied to a provider.

That plus the $35/mo unlimited AT&T data only plan from ebay for primiary, a Verizon plan as the backup and external antennae and booster if you need them where you’ll be and you should be dialed in.