Vanlife Q&A: The worst part of planning your rv route? What makes it difficult?

In this post in the Van Life Q&A, a user asks:

The worst part of planning your rv route? What makes it difficult?

My thoughts:

Random thoughts of things that can be important:

Lane widths, bridge or road weight or axle limits. Road surface conditions (not weather, actual road surface as in rust, pot holes, etc)

Construction zones and delays, height limits,

Weather conditions and preferences as they factor into your specific vehicle. For example, cross winds on the great divide may make you slow down to 60mph on I-80 when you could be going the longer way to the SE via I 10 or I 40 but still making better time.

Also weather conditions along the route so I can choose a route that not only gets me there but makes it easy to avoid inclement weather or super hot conditions, etc.

Understanding fuel burn difference on route based on not only distance but speed. Ex, I get 3mpg better at 60 than 80mph.

Distance to next fuel stops and what the prices are. Kind of like a heads up display.

Waze like info on police and road hazards, toll avoidance, and such.

Would be cool to be able to add messages/notes for other drivers to comment on things. Like fuel station restroom cleanliness, shower prices, road hazards.

More detailed info about overnight stops. Rest areas don’t always allow overnight and neither do all Walmart’s for example. Being able to search for them and have it up to date with municipal codes or other restrictions that don’t allow for overnights.

Food stops to make your own besides rest areas. Ex a nice little park only a mile off the main road.

Repair locations and what they work on.

Ideally create the profile for my vehicle and it will factor all those variables into everything. Fuel cost, routes, restrictions, etc.

For those with small campers and vans there may be additional features, like finding clean cheap showers or nice boondocking / stealth camping spots.

RV park listings and easy reservations for them plus campgrounds, hotels, and state or national parks without having to go through a bunch of other sites. Just click “book” for the dates you want and the app proxies it.

And all in one app please, as a heads up display and being able to control my music from phone or pandora and have all this work offline as well as connected.

I understand the massive amount of work this would be and work in a similar tech space. Feel free to DM if you’d like to actually discuss via phone or email. I have full timed in a travel trailer and about to do it in a camper van again.