Vanlife Q&A: Alcohol and van life?

In this post in the Van Life Q&A, a user asks:

Alcohol and van life?

My thoughts:

There doesn’t seem to be any hard rules on this

You can get arrested for DUI if you are deemed intoxicated:
– walking to your vehicle
– drinking inside your vehicle
– sleeping inside your vehicle
– on private property

And many other circumstances. Whether it is registers as an RV or not.

Some reduced risk is offered by scenarios like if you are in a trailer behind the vehicle for example since you can’t drive the trailer itself.

They can, if they want, to arrest you and try to make the case that you had *intent* to operate the vehicle and it’s up to you to prove otherwise.

My personal position is to not have open containers inside the vehicle at any point, unless in a locked compartment that isn’t a key lock, no vehicle keys in my possession or in the vehicle.

I don’t look at it as foolproof, but as a reduction in risk and to make the case harder to stick if one does come up.

Also read up or watch YouTube videos by DUI attorneys recommend for how they recommend to handle situations and roadside sobriety tests, and what the legal implications are.