Vanlife Q&A: Showering on the road?

In this post in the Van Life Q&A, a user asks: Showering on the road? My thoughts: Every RV type campground I have ever been to has had showers so you should be fine. But if you’re concerned or want to get away from people, buy some wet wipes and [one of these solar showers]( […]

1996 Dodge Sportsmobile: Our Next Adventure Is Beginning!

Perhaps we’ve been influenced by watching too many vanlife and skoolie videos on YouTube, but we’ve been itching for a new adventure and ability to travel a lot more than we currently are able to. So we purchased this very clean and extremely low mile 1996 Dodge Sportsmobile camper van! Well, technically signed the papers […]

How to Authenticate with TD Ameritrade API to get the AUTH code for local trading apps

As I am learning about automating my options trading, one possible method would be to use TD Ameritrade’s API since I have an account with them and like the Think-or-Swim platform which would help me monitor trades with a familiar interface. However, despite the official API documentation (which leaves a little to be desired) and […]

Hello world!

Hello world indeed! In keeping with the tradition of making a simple program, I’ll just modify this WordPress post and let it live on. Welcome to Options Explored where we will be exploring the great world of options, whether that is options trading or the options life presents us as we explore our world. My […]